A Journey of Compassion and Cruelty-Free Beauty

Our Story

Each year, countless lives are lost in the makeup-brush industry,
from squirrels to ponies and goats. This alarming reality stems from the myths around animal hair makeup tools due to lack of awareness and the limited availability of cruelty-free alternatives.

Inspired by our deep affection for animals, fueled by our love for our fur-ball Lucy, we established Boujee Beauty in August 2018. Our unwavering commitment to animal compassion led us to take action and provide makeup lovers with the finest quality brushes that are, without a doubt, cruelty-free.

At Boujee Beauty, our story is one of compassion, empowerment, and the pursuit of beauty without harm."

Our Vision

At Boujee Beauty, our vision is to create a world where beauty knows no boundaries, where compassion and ethical practices converge seamlessly with the art of makeup.

  • Pioneer the industry, driving a future where no animals suffer for the sake of beauty.
  • Inspire and empower individuals to make conscious choices, embracing cruelty-free products without compromising on quality or style
  • Foster a community of beauty enthusiasts who share our values and contribute to a more compassionate world


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