Our Story

A Journey of Compassion and Cruelty-Free Beauty

the team exhibiting products in exhibition

Our Story

Every year, thousands of animals - squirrels, ponies, goats, etc. loose their lives because of makeup-brush industry. There is a lack of awareness about this and cruelty-free focused products availability is also a big concern. And because we love all animals as much as we love our fur-ball - Lucy, our animal-compassion led us to found Boujee Beauty in Aug 2018 and we decided to step up and make the best quality (and of-course cruelty-free) brushes available to all make-up lovers!

makeup brush showing its application for face makeup

Our Vision

Raise the quality and creative benchmark of the beauty industry by curating exciting products and providing consumers with the luxurious experience that they deserve!

premium makeup brushes arranged in a symmetric pattern

Our Mission

Curate best-in class makeup products that are Vegan, 100% cruelty-free, luxurious yet affordable, thus making it accessible to all makeup lovers - be it beginners or professionals

About Our Products

All Boujee Beauty brushes are made with vegan fibre that is super-soft on your skin. Our brushes blend effortlessly and unlike animal hair brushes, neither do they loose their shape after wash nor shed too much. Due to the lack of cuticles in vegan hair, Boujee Beauty brushes do not soak as much product (as any other animal hair brush) making them easier to clean too.