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Small Angled Buffing Brush - Boujee BeautySmall Angled Buffing Brush - Boujee Beauty
Angled Buffing Brush - Boujee BeautyAngled Buffing Brush - Boujee Beauty
Boujee Beauty Flat Foundation BrushBoujee Beauty Flat Foundation Brush
Blush Brush - Boujee Beautyartist using blush brush on model face
Blush Brush B104
Sale priceRs. 620.00
35 reviews
Bronzer Brush - Boujee Beautyartist using bronzer brush on model face
Bronzer Brush B103
Sale priceRs. 510.00
30 reviews
Powder Brush - Boujee Beautyartist using tapered powder brush on model face
Powder Brush B102
Sale priceRs. 620.00
36 reviews
Duo-Fibre Foundation Brush - Boujee BeautyDuo-Fibre Foundation Brush - Boujee Beauty
Fluffy Highlighter Brush - Boujee Beautyartist using fluffy highlighter brush on model cheeks
Face Brush Combo - Boujee BeautyFace Brush Combo - Boujee Beauty
Face Brush Combo C105
Sale priceRs. 1,699.00 Regular priceRs. 2,899.00
18 reviews


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