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Face Brush Combo

Face Brush Combo

Consists of 5 Face Makeup Brushes for the perfect face makeup

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This Face Makeup Brush Combo is the perfect companion for acing your base. It includes top 5 face makeup brushes which are suitable for foundation, bronzer, powder, blush and highlighter application. These are all the essential face makeup brushes which adds more definition and depth to your overall makeup look

Why this Combo?

  • This face makeup brush set includes all essential brushes required for a perfect face makeup
  • It is suitable for foundation, bronzer, powder, blush and highlighter application.
  • Perfect for applying foundation/powder/blush/bronzer which adds more definition and depth to your overall makeup look

All our brushes are Vegan, 100% Cruelty-Free, Super-Soft, Multitasking and Durable

Brushes Included:

  B101 - Duo-Fibre Foundation Brush
  B102 - Powder Brush
  B103 - Bronzer Brush
  B104 - Blush Brush
  B319 - Fluffy Highlighter Brush

*Note: Dimensions of each brush can be found on individual product detail page


  • Brush Hair: Synthetic Hair
  • Ferrule: Aluminium
  • Handle: Wooden with Acrylic Paint


In order to make brushes last a long time, kindly follow below tips

  • Use a mild shampoo/ brush cleansing liquid and silicon pad to clean brushes (avoid harsh chemicals)
  • Please do not soak brushes in water. If brushes are exposed to water for a long duration, the glue weakens over time and the paint on handles may crack. This will directly affect the longevity of the brush.
  • For washing brushes, dip the hair in water, put brush cleansing liquid on silicon pad and swirl the brush in round motions, wash off the brush and lay it down on a clean towel. (Avoid keeping wet brushes vertically)
  • Once dried, store brushes safely in brush holder or a closed container.


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All our brushes have 6 months warranty from the date of invoice. Please check the details here: Warranty Policy


  • Designed By : Boujee Beauty, India
  • Country Of Origin: PRC
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