Small Angled Buffing Brush - Boujee Beauty
Small Angled Buffing Brush - Boujee Beauty
Small Angled Buffing Brush - Boujee Beauty
Small Angled Buffing Brush - Boujee Beauty

Small Angled Buffing Brush B425

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Small Buffing Brush for blending cream, liquid or powder products

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How is Boujee Beauty pronounced?

It is pronounced as Boo-jee.

What does Boujee mean?

Boujee means luxurious and classy

Why the name Boujee Beauty?

As Boujee means classy, at Boujee Beauty we provide luxurious products which are of premium quality. We aim to make luxury affordable.

Are All Boujee Beauty Products Cruelty-Free? 

Absolutely! One of our missions is to build a cruelty-free beauty community. We DO NOT use animal hair in makeup brushes preventing the suffering to thousands of animals!

Where is the brand originally from?

Boujee Beauty is an Indian beauty brand which began it's journey in Aug 2018 and has continued ever since.

Where can I find Boujee Beauty products?

Boujee Beauty products can be found online on the website: https:/ or on all e-commerce platforms like Nykaa, TataCliq, Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket, Cossouq, Kindlife, MakeMeUp and all Reliance platforms! 

For all those who have been asking for a mini version of our best-seller B424 - this brush is dedicated to you :)

Meet B425 - Small Angled Buffing Brush. Calling it just an angled concealer brush would be unfair because it does SO MUCH MORE! From cream to liquid to powder, it blends all products like a PRO. This makeup brush can be used for contouring, reaching difficult-to-reach areas of your face and WHAT NOT! 

This chameleon brush is a masterpiece brought to life after we received several requests from happy B424 users. Want to blend and keep the coverage intact while doing so? Experience the miracle of this small angled buffing brush - B425.

What is different in B425 from other brushes available in the market? Well, the angle, the slant, the hair are so precisely chosen that this B425 (unlike other brushes in the market) can blend the product with minimal pressure. That allows this face makeup brush to blend without compromising the coverage of the product.

Experience it yourself and thank us later!


  • Angled bristles: Perfectly fit the curves of your face - from around the nose to under the eyes, to expertly define, shape and contour.
  • Multi-Tasking: This small angled buffing brush blends Concealer, Foundation, Cream Contour, Powder, etc. It is also useful for nose contour.
  • Soft Bristles: This face makeup brush is made with soft and 100% vegan hair which is easily washable.
  • Vegan & Cruelty-FreeAll our makeup brushes are Vegan, 100% Cruelty-Free, Super-Soft, Multitasking and Durable

How To Use:

  1. Prepare Your Skin: Start with a clean and moisturized face. Apply primer if desired for a smoother application surface.
  2. Dip or Apply Product: Dip the angled concealer brush into your chosen product or directly apply it to the brush. Use a small amount to begin with; you can always add more as needed.
  3. Buffing and Blending Concealer/Foundation: For concealer or foundation, start by applying product to areas that need coverage, such as under the eyes, around the nose, and on blemishes. Use the angled edge of the brush to blend the product into the skin by using dabbing motions.
  4. Cream Blush Application: To apply cream blush, smile to locate the apples of your cheeks. Apply a small amount of blush onto the angled edge of the brush and blend onto the cheeks using upward strokes. Continue blending until the color looks natural and diffused.
  5. Nose Contouring: Starting from the inner corner of the eyebrow, gently sweep the brush down the sides of the nose, following its natural shape. Blend the product softly by using back and forth motions until the contour looks seamless.

Brush Dimension:

  Brush Hair     2.4 cm
  Ferrule     4.5 cm
  Handle   10.5 cm

*Note: As the brushes are handmade, dimensions may vary slightly

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Angled Buffing Brush B424
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