About PAWSSIBLE initiative

Boujee Beauty has always been an advocate of cruelty-free beauty community because we believe, the process of make-up should bring happiness to all without any sufferings. All Boujee Beauty products are vegan to make sure they have not killed/hurt animals during their making.

Through PAWSSIBLE initiative, we want to empower those who help animals in need by sharing part profits made by selling some of our products.

This means, every time someone purchases our makeup sponge set, we pledge a part profit to an NGO that helps animals in distress.


Currently, we are working with an NGO lead by Geetanjali Taur called "Saahas"

Geetanjali and her team work day and night to make sure they attend as many cases a day as possible and help animals that have met with an accident, suffering through a disease or bearing an injury. Their work has saved many valuable lives. Through our Pawssible initiative, we want to help Geetanjali and her team monetarily so they get to save more furry friends.

A Note From Geetanjali Taur
Founder- Saahas Foundation

About us:
Saahas is a non profit animal welfare organization established by Geetanjali Taur.

We are a team of volunteers and animal lovers running an animal rescue center in Walhekarwadi, Chinchwad, Pune; enforcing rescue missions, to promote treatments, adoption, and other activities under animal welfare.

Scope of work
With its increasing number of capacity, stray animals rescued and admitted as well as treated on site, managing more cases than previous months, Saahas is day by day growing into a big family.

Programs have been established to allocate resources properly including Feeding drive, Reflective collar drive, Vaccination drive, etc.

As we are gradually expanding the shelter capacity and attending as many cases as possible, and the donations received from volunteers as well as donors are not enough to manage all the expenses including- medical expenses, veterinary's salary, caretaker's salary and shelter rent and other bills.

The amount granted by every donor will solely be used for animals and all the bills or receipts will be provided for the same. Also please do visit the shelter to experience and acknowledge the work we do at Saahas!

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,
Geetanjali Taur (Saahas foundation)


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